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How I started my SIDE HUSTLE while learning all about e-commerce and print on demand.

My passion has always been drawing and painting. Since the pandemic started, I found myself back at it with great joy, as a way to relief stress and fill in some time while the design and advertising industry took a pause.

This started my new journey in creating an online store

on Etsy, Society6 and designing a new e-commerce website

With many, many months of creating products while learning and embracing all there is to know about e-commerce, print-on-demand and drop shipping world... I am starting to see profits!

iDesign-Studio will always be my main business but its always nice to have something to fall back on "the life as a freelancer"

PLUS… if you ever need assistance on creating a Shopify, Etsy or Society6 store I now have this feather in my cap.

My Etsy store

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