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Brand Identity/
Logo Design

A new identity or brand is a starting point and always the same: what’s the story, who’s it for, and why does it matter?


Your brand is what people think of when they think about you. It’s your reputation. It’s influenced by your values, your products, your marketing, your customer service. 

• Logo design

• Logo redesign

• Brand development

• Brand Identity guide

• Creative direction

• Stationery systems

• Identity makeover

• Brand revitalization

• Strategic rebranding

Printing Machine

Collateral Materials /
Print Design

Don’t ever let anyone tell you print is dead. It's very much alive.


There will always be the need for quality printed collateral marketing materials. As a tangible piece that’s out there representing your business.


• Brochures

• Publication design

• Flyers

• Promotional Materials

• Annual reports

• Newsletters

• Postcards

• Direct mail

• Book covers

• Booklets

• Print supervision

• Invitations

• Menus

• Manuals


Graphic Design

Keep your brand consistent across all marketing mediums, including  your online presence.

• Start up websites

• Mobile friendly sites

• Email marketing

• Web assets

• Digital web banners

• Digital web ads

• Social media assets

• UX/UI strategy

• Powerpoint decks with animation

• Powerpoint templates

Subway Billboard

Display Design

Stand out in the crowd with custom graphics to show off your brand. Remember, you’ve only got seconds to convince a passerby to pay attention.

From start to finish I will guide you though the process, so that your booth makes a lasting impression and generate leads!

• Trade show signage

• Event signage

• Exhibit Design

• Banners

• Billboards

• Poster’s

• Environmental design

• Way finding & Signage 

Delivery Bag

Packaging Design

The primary objective of packaging is to communicate brand and product value in meaningful, memorable, and eye-catching ways that commands attention and wins at the shelf. (Even the online shelf)

• Packaging design

• Labels 

AdobeStock_217364177 [Converted].jpg


Infographics come in many different forms: icons, illustrations, data charts, multi-level networks, flowchart infographics, custom combinations of all of them, you name it. The options are infinite.


A powerful tool to help you communicate, to helping your brain process content quicker.

Mac Based ~ Adobe Creative Cloud
InDesign ~ Photoshop ~ Illustrator ~ Adobe Acrobat ~ Powerpoint
Shopify ~ WIX ~ WordPress ~ Etsy ~ E-Commerce

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